Demonstrating the product

The A4 BOX Story

A Revolutionary Induction Cooker and Grill

Fun in the Kitchen!

When we got in touch with the makers of A4-BOX, we could feel their excitement and pride for this unique kitchen appliance. A4-BOX is an induction cooking appliance like nothing we have seen before.

Elegant and modern design complements any decor and adds style to any kitchen. It was great fun to try this innovative product from A4-BOX and even more fun to shoot a video meanwhile.

A Modern Product

The A4-BOX is Versatile, Dynamic and Innovative. The makers wanted to convey how the A4-BOX elevates the cooking experience while still being so easy to clean and use.

We brainstormed a few ideas and ended up shooting a product video that Team Ocean Panda is really proud of!  

Showing it all in a video

Here is an unboxing video of the innovative and versatile A4-BOX grilling system!

The Process

Ocean Panda loves working with brands that make peoples’ lives easier and stress-free. When we shot the video, we were left amazed by the high performance and ease of use that comes with A4-BOX. The food options are endless and so much time is saved with the touch of a button. We believe that all products have great potential but with the right kind of visuals, a product is elevated and can reach more people. See for yourself. Do let us know what you think. Do you also feel as if you are the cook in the video just by viewing it? That’s the power of a great product video!!

Double the fun!!

Positioning products in customers’ lives is one of the most effective ways to connect. It gives the viewers a better idea of the product than still photos can.

The client comes first!

At Ocean Panda Creative, we focus on our customer’s needs and developing long-term relationships with business owners. We just connected again with Pankaj, the owner of A4BOX. We are excited to receive his next product in a few weeks to be able to contribute to his product launch.

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