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Mastermind Kold Brew

Portable cold brew coffee making system that makes it easier to have coffee anytime, anywhere!

Mastermind - The Brand

Nick Osborn is the main player behind the Mastermind brand. He is a Mechanical Engineer who loves creating awesome things. Nick doesn’t just love engineering – he also loves traveling, backpacking, gaming, and cooking. Nick wants people to love coffee as much as he does.  That’s why he and his team are working hard every day to perfect products that innovate within the cold brew marketplace and fit into the fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle of every working class American.

Our First Impression

When the Ocean Panda team recieved the Kōld Brewer, we quickly realized that it is more than just a tumbler with a filter. We used it and we loved it! If you are still unsure, take our word that it’s going to be an integral part of your lifestyle. Mastermind designed it to go everywhere with you. Created by a mechanical engineer and tested by businessmen, baristas, coffee roasters, and outdoorsmen, you’ll find it sleek, durable, and refined.

The Challenge

Team Ocean Panda was honored to collaborate with Mastermind Kold Brew to churn out top quality product images that saw the portable coffee maker in a new light. The aim was to demonstrate how the unique coffee maker. We tried to build upon its unique features and the ease of use. The Mastermind Kold Brew system is a game-changer and we feel that the images speak for themselves!

Eco-friendly To The Core!

Ocean Panda Creative is proud to collaborate with the eco-friendly brand. Mastermind Kold Brew is doing its part to give back to nature by using recycled materials in the packaging and steel.
15% of their profits go to Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that delivers clean water projects for villages in need.

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