Designing Pellis' Product Video

Pellis Skincare is high quality, packaged attractively and delivers results.

Ocean Panda x Pellis Skincare

Marc got in touch with our team and sent us his amazing line of skincare products for men.  We tried the products and felt that a realistic video ad was much needed to communicate the difference this product can make in the 21st century man’s life.

 Skincare is important for everyone and we tried to show men from all fields of life benefiting from the skincare products.


Marc's Vision

It is absolutely crucial to know who the target audience is, in order to define what you want to achieve from the video ad. Marc wanted successful men in the video as he wanted to target men with a purpose. He had a clear vision on what he wanted from the video which definitely helped us proceed with the product video.

Our Efforts Behind The Scenes

Once we had the vision in mind, the next step was to keep the context in mind and show off the product by emphasizing visuals and music and we did something similar with the Pellis Skin.

We chose a black and white theme with captivating background music. The result: stunning visuals that put Pellis Skincare front and center

The End Result

We were able to deliver on our promise because Marc was so easy to work with and the products provide great value. 

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