Understanding the customer

Rektec's story

When Rektec asked us to rebuild its visual appearance, we approached the problem from the customers' perspective.

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Experiencing the benefits firsthand

It’s difficult to communicate the benefits of a product that people do not appreciate and understand until they have not tried it.

When those products are complex we need to make sure they are presented in the most understandable ways. To fully comprehend and communicate the values of the product we tested it on ourselves and on people around us.

Experiencing the immediate full-body relief, we quickly realized how the script and story could reflect the benefits the best possible way.

Great work requires collaboration

Our task was to demonstrate how the product can make the users’ life less painful and more delightful.

Together with Oliver, our client, we brainstormed, discussed, explored and tested ideas and concepts.

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We made sure to fit the medium

When starting to work with a new customer, we always make sure to ask the right questions. One of these crucial questions is the medium and context our work is going to be used in. In case of Rektec it was an Amazon listing.

Listing photos on Amazon have strict requirements such as white background, a visible product and 1:1 ratio. Furthermore, the product video we have shot needed to explain the details of the product and the simplicity of its use. There is no second chance on Amazon.

Amazon Creative Agency Best Marketing Case Study

Choosing the right locations, actors and brand image

Without the right location, the pictures and video can not fully visualize the product as a real-life item. Before scouting for locations we always make a thorough market research as well as a consultation with our clients. 

The product needed to be used by the target audience (our  identified buyer persona) to make the viewers feel as engaged with the message (such as relieving back pain) as possible.

Finally, the colors, texts, sound effects, music and design were all balanced to reflect the brand image and the company’s mission.

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Showing it all in a video

Positioning products in customers’ lives is one of the most effective ways to connect. It gives the viewers a better idea of the product than still photos can.

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